HR/Payroll Reports

Welcome to the State of Arizona reports page for HR and Payroll professionals. You will find a listing of Human Resource and Payroll reports on the excel file below which is our report index. There is an option to search for reports using keywords. The two primary sources for generating reports are:

  • The data warehouse
  • HRIS canned reports

Please click here to launch the report index. 

If you are unable to find the report you need in the report index above, feel free to submit an electronic report request to the Big Data team. Click here to access the link to the ticket system and instructions.

New Warehouse Reports in the Agency HR reports folder include:

  • Employees and ASRS Retirement Criteria- added 7/27/16
  • FLSA Report- added 7/28/16

Check the report index often to see a list of all reports here.