TALENT ACQUISITION TRAINING - ADOA Use Only. If you are an agency Recruiter or Personnel Liaison, please contact your Agency HR dept for your agency specific manual. These are base manuals that do not reflect agency specific policies and procedures.

Below are the base training guides for Talent Acquisition

02/01/2015 Mission Critical Documentation for Creating/Updating Requisitions Word DOC    
11/08/2012 ADOA Recruiter Guide Word DOC    
03/20/2014 ADOA TA HR Liaison Guide - Web 10 Word DOC    
07/03/2014 ADOA TA Approver Guide - Web 10X Word DOC    
11/08/2012 ADOA TA Approver Guide - Rich Client Word DOC    
03/13/2013 DES Original TA Recruiter Guide Word DOC    
05/15/2013 DES Original TA Liaison Guide Word DOC    
02/20/2015 Alternate Hiring Managers on Req - On Hold Word DOC    
02/12/2015 Instructions to Send Mass Emails to Candidates Word DOC    
12/03/2012 TA Troubleshooting Guide Word DOC    
11/02/2012 FutureHire Only Guide Word DOC