• ZP02 / ZP04 / XP02 – Position Changes
    Some enhancements have been added to the way position changes are processed. In the past, changes to positions were immediately evident on the position. However, these changes were put in a batch to be passed through to the employee record over night. This has created some difficulties when the changes were not passed through promptly. A new process allows these changes to be immediately updated on the employee’s file as well as the position. You will see this take effect starting July 11, 2016.

    In light of this enhancement, you may receive error messages that you previously have not seen. This could include messages such as “supervisor is inactive”, or “process level does not exist”, to name a few. In the event you receive these messages and you need guidance, please contact the Classification and Compensation analyst assigned to your agency.
  • On April 19, 2016, HRIS is implementing a new password policy and password reset self-service feature. If your password contains only numbers, you will be required to change your password on April 19. Please click here for more information.
  • HRIS/YES support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 discontinued on Monday, January 18, 2016. Please click here for the full article from Morgan Reed, State Chief Information Officer.
  • Reason Code / Action Code Project: Effective June 29, 2015, HRIS has modified the Personnel Action process including action descriptions and new reason codes. Please click here for the full announcement.

  • HRIS System Availability
    The following schedule will provide the standard HRIS system availability. When situations occur outside of this schedule, please watch the HRIS website for critical availability notices. Click here for the schedule.