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Note: The information provided on this page is relevant to most or all State of Arizona employees. Additional information may be found at individual agencies’ websites as well.

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Tax Form 1095-C Mailed to Employees’ Homes: (Posted 02/03/2017)
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires certain employers, including the State of Arizona, to offer health insurance to full-time employees and their dependents, and to provide a Form 1095-C to applicable employees. 1095-C forms for the 2016 tax year have been mailed to employees’ home addresses, so you may have already received your form, or you should receive it within the next few days.

If you have questions about your Form 1095-C, or if you believe you should have received a 1095-C but did not, please contact the Benefits Services Division at 602-542-5008 or For more information about the ACA, visit the Benefits Services Division at and then click the Affordable Care Act link. Any tax related questions should be directed to your personal tax advisor.

New Calendar Year Information – January 2017: (Posted 01/23/2017)
Important information and reminders regarding the new benefits plan year and 2016 W-2s are provided below:

Employee Benefits – Any changes you made to your benefits during the annual open enrollment period became effective January 1, 2017. Employees should log into YES to review their paychecks to confirm deductions are being processed correctly. For more information regarding the 2017 benefits plan year, click here.

• 2016 W-2s – Employees who consented to receive their W-2 online should have already received an email notification that their W-2 was available. Employees who have not consented to receive their W-2 online will be mailed their 2016 W-2 by January 31, 2017. Any duplicate W-2s that are needed will be available via the YES website starting February 1, 2017. If you have any questions about your W-2, please contact your agency payroll office.

ETE Email Reminders : (Posted 01/09/2017)
ETE emails to remind employees to enter and submit their time have erroneously gone out today, earlier than the typical schedule, due to a technical issue. Employees could have received multiple email reminders to enter ETE. Employees can enter and submit time now or they can disregard the emails and enter and submit their ETE timesheet later in the week according to agency prescribed timelines. HRIS is aware of and working to resolve the issue.

Password Reset (Updated and re-posted 9/2016)
In April 2016, HRIS implemented new security requirements for passwords and a password reset self-service feature. If you are unable to login to HRIS, MAP or YES, please reset your password here.

Cyber Safety Awareness
YES is the State’s Web Based Portal that allows you as an employee the ability to view and maintain your employee data. This system can be accessed anywhere an internet connection exists – from a home computer, laptop or public computers at the library. The State of Arizona takes many precautions to ensure the data stored in YES is guarded against attacks from hackers and cyber criminals. It is your responsibility outside of the workplace to ensure the computers you are using to access YES are protected from such attacks as well. Cyber criminals employ tools such as Keyloggers which monitor the keys typed in and can easily retrieve User IDs, passwords and other information a user may not wish others to know about. Click here to learn how you can reduce your chances of falling victim to such attacks.