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The following Risk Management courses focus on the importance of attitude in accident prevention and avoidance as well as appropriate driving skills.
Defensive Driving Courses
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Defensive Driving
This Risk Management course is required training for all approved employees who operate an automobile on State business whether using a State owned vehicle or a personally owned vehicle (Required prerequisite to VAN101INTR Van Dynamics).
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Van Dynamics
Describing the effects of high center gravity, backing up without assistance, and adjusting vehicle safety equipment, in addition to understanding the operating characteristics of a heavily loaded and large capacity passenger van are just a few of the topics covered in this course guaranteed to enhance your driving skills. When this course is complete, you will need to notify Risk Management for a hands-on, behind the wheel evaluation before you are van certified. (RM29 is required prior to taking this course).
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Van Dynamics Behind the Wheel
Structured driving exam to permit an employee to drive a 15-passenger van. (RM29 and VAN101INTR is required prior to taking this exam).

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