“It was a detour that caused me to stop and think about where my life was really headed.”

John H.
Arizona Dept of Transportation

Most of us like to think we’ve got our career paths pretty well mapped out – until something called “destiny” or out of the blue happens and suddenly we’re going in a whole new direction. John knows. He thought he was headed to law school, but took a short time-out for an internship. As it turned out, that detour changed his life – opening the door to opportunities he never imagined. As a state intern, he got to experience a lot of different types of jobs, to learn from talented experts, and to network and prove worthy of the first look for a full-time position.

So how far can an internship take you? Well, in John’s case, all the way to the top --- from intern to Director of the Department of Transportation. Quite an accomplishment for a guy who took a detour that opened up a whole new world of opportunities.