How to Begin

Preparing for an internship can be a daunting experience. Many students struggle to find a starting point that will provide good experience in their field of interest and study. The following information should offer some assistance and direction in preparation for an internship with the State of Arizona:

  1. Start with the Career Development Office at your college or university. The office exists to serve student career-related needs.
  2. Sign up for and use the internship databases to which your college or university subscribes.
  3. Network with alumni in your area of interest and contact them directly.
  4. Visit with college professors, friends, and family. These people can provide direction and possibly even help in the search for an internship or first job.

These tips should be helpful in beginning the internship journey. Don’t forget to create a resume and cover letter. Once again, your college or university should offer help in this area.

Applying For An Internship

Determine what you are looking for in an internship:

  • What subject matter interests you?
  • Which days of the week are you available to work?
  • What hours are you available to work?
  • Are you prepared for a commute


  • Adhere to agency work hours, policies, procedures and rules governing professional behavior
  • Adhere to state rules and policies governing the observation of confidentiality
  • Assume personal and professional responsibilities for all activities and actions
  • Maintain both internal and external professional relationships
  • Utilize a courteous, enthusiastic, open-minded, and critical approach to policies and procedures within the agency
  • Relate and apply knowledge acquired in the academic setting to your assignment or project
  • Develop self-awareness as it relates to attitude, values and behavior patterns that influence work
  • Prepare for and utilize meetings, events, and other opportunities of learning afforded to you as an intern
  • Be consistent and punctual in the submission of all project assignments
  • If applicable, provide your faculty advisor with periodic progress reports