“Don’t get me wrong, where you end up is important… but it’s the journey along the way that makes it all worthwhile."

Laura A.
Arizona Court of Appeals Intern

Laura’s always had an incessant drive for going places – with her studies, and life in general.  While in college, her travel bug took her to Europe where she studied Criminology in England. Then, after graduating from ASU with her Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies, she picked up the pace. Besides having multiple criminal law internships, she’s finishing up a Juris Doctorate at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. And that’s not all. She most recently took an internship at the Arizona Court of Appeals to broaden her knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Laura attributes her drive and success to “being open to new experiences…” and she sums up her source of encouragement with a quote by Joe Dirt, “Life is a garden – dig it.”