“Taking action and standing up for what you know is right makes all the difference in the world.”

Jacqueline G.
Ranger Assistant
Arizona State Parks

Jacqueline didn’t just wake up one morning and decide she wanted to help save our planet.  “It was my mother,” she says, “who instilled a passion in me for the environment at an early age.”  Her mom, you see, was a Girl Scout leader, and through Girl Scouts, Jacqueline gained a greater understanding of how important the earth’s resources are to our survival. 

This strong love of nature led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation.  And now, as a Ranger Assistant intern at Oracle State Park for Environment Education, she’s truly in touch with the earth – leading environmental education and training programs, rebuilding fence lines, trail work and on-going maintenance. As she looks forward to a career in Natural Resource Management, her beliefs resonate with the watchful words posted at the entrance to Oracle State park – to “Take only pictures, Leave nothing but footprints.”