“I never had a preference for where I would be interning with the State. I only hoped for the opportunity to help others with the skills I have.”

Marissa C.
Department of Economic Security
Division of Developmental Disabilities Legal Intern

Some people know in their hearts that wherever their lives may lead them, they will be helping others. So true with Marissa -- for she grew up in a close-knit family with small town, good old-fashioned values of kindness and caring.  While working in her father’s law office and observing how he helped others in his work, she realized a passion for the law, and is now following in his footsteps toward a law degree.

When she applied for an internship with the State, she never dreamed it would lead her to the Division of Developmental Disabilities. But once here, “It became a blessing beyond belief, “she says, “For I’ve found great personal value in working with people who bring much needed assistance to those who are disabled.”

Thank you, Marissa. May your making a positive difference in the lives of others continue to be an inspiration for all of us to follow!