“Hey, I’m not one of those guys who settles for doing only one or two things in my life...that’s just not me!”

Some people pattern their careers by where they’ve been or where they think they’re headed… and then there are guys like Jason. He’s been on one action-packed adventure after another. He served his country for three years as a torpedo man in the US Navy, then spent nearly 10 years as a field service engineer in the semiconductor industry -- all while finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management at DeVry . Then he went on to complete his MBA at Keller. In the interim, with his military background, he jumped at the chance to become an intern at the Department of Emergency & Military Affairs where he helped manage worker’s comp claims, and safety training for DEMA employees. Following his internship, his next stop was a fulltime job in the Department of Administration’s Human Resources Division. Then out of the blue came a dream job offer he couldn’t resist -- from Intel.

Talk about a whirlwind career that’s only just begun – Jason, you’re one lucky son of a gun!