“Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t want to settle for just an ordinary internship.  I wanted the chance and the challenge to accomplish something new and different… something greater.”

Olivia O.
Arizona Department of Administration
Arizona Interns-In-Action Intern

It’s easy to settle for sameness --to do a no-brainer, without expending a lot of effort. But in Olivia’s case, she prefers to pursue a different path –one that allows her to open up to new ideas and creativity. Her upcoming degree in Communications from ASU proves that. While she could have chosen a safer and less demanding intern route, that’s just not her style. “I like being part of something new and different that I’ve never experienced before,” she says. And indeed that’s what she found -- helping develop a new social media plan and communication materials for the Arizona Interns-In-Action program.  Here she was able to hone her communication skills, broaden her horizons and expand her knowledge and creativity. 

Her advice to new interns, “Don’t be afraid to try different avenues to find what you love and are meant to do -- and above all, whatever you do, let it be your best, and you’ll have no regrets.”

Way to go Ms. O!