About Employment


The Employment team provides a range of professional staffing services for the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) and State agencies, boards, and commissions.  This page provides an overview of the services provided.
Some of the tasks and projects for which the Employment team is responsible include:

  • Executive Recruitments
  • Job Fairs
  • Employment Advertising
  • Internship Program
  • Community Outreach and Diversity
  • Mission-Critical Recruiting Initiatives


When a State agency, board, or commission incurs a vacancy for an executive director position, that agency can request assistance with recruiting efforts to fill the vacancy.  After reviewing the statutory requirements regarding executive recruitment, the Employment team can provide assistance to include, but not limited to, developing a recruitment plan to include job advertisement, competency based interview questions, reference/background checks, and coordination with the Governor’s Office. 

The ADOA Employment team regularly attends job fairs to advertise vacant positions, promote the benefits of State employment, and to assist job seekers with the application process.

The ADOA Employment team partners with local universities,  colleges, and community  organizations to promote State employment.

There are several options for advertising open positions throughout the State of Arizona:

  1. The State Job Board (azstatejobs.gov)
  2. Commercial Job Boards
  3. Azjobconnection.gov
  4. University Job Boards
  5. Professional Organization Websites
  6. Newspaper print advertising


State Job Board & Talent Acquisition
Arizona State agencies, boards, and commissions post open positions on the State job board – www.azstatejobs.gov – via the applicant tracking system, Talent Acquisition. Larger agencies are responsible for posting and maintaining their open positions. However, ADOA and smaller agencies, boards, and commissions can request that the Employment team post their vacant positions.

In order to initiate a job posting, a Personnel Requisition should be submitted to the Employment mailbox, [email protected]. The Employment team assists in publishing the job announcement, monitoring the lead flow, screening applicant resumes, and referring candidates to the hiring supervisor.  

Commercial Job Boards
Commercial job boards can often reach a larger audience of job seekers and can be an effective resource to supplement a job posting. The State Procurement Office negotiates contracts with commercial job posting websites; Jobing.com and CareerBuilder.com are currently under contract with the State. Agencies can contact the Employment team or check ProcureAZ for updates on these contracts.

A member of the Employment team can assist you with posting on a commercial site.  If you are posting for your own department/agency however, please note that the advertisement should direct candidates to apply through www.azstatejobs.gov instead of via the commercial site.

The Department of Economic Security, in partnership with Arizona Workforce Connection, provides an online job board that can be found at www.azjobconnection.gov.  This job board is a no cost resource for employers to advertise vacant positions and is free to applicants searching for jobs.  For questions regarding account setup, please contact the Employment team.

University Job Boards
Most universities and colleges allow employers to post vacant positions on their student job boards, free of charge. Please note, they usually stipulate that the position meet certain criteria (i.e. the job must require a bachelor’s degree).   Visit the links below for more information. 

Organization Websites
Many professional organizations offer a job opportunities section on their website for members and related non-members to advertise their positions. For example, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers a space on their site for HR related job postings. Consider industry related posting sites as an alternative to traditional website postings. The Employment team is available to assist in this process.

Newspaper Print Advertisement
Job postings can be advertised on a variety of media, including newspapers. Please contact the Employment team for guidance on this.

The State of Arizona internship program (Arizona Interns-In-Action) can be a mutually beneficial option for a State agency and an Arizona college student. Students will experience opportunities that stimulate their career ambitions and will gain real world experience to complement their studies. State agencies benefit from enthusiastic and useful assistance, coupled with current industry knowledge.

For more information, visit the website: www.hr.az.gov/Intern/

If an agency identifies ongoing difficulty filling a position, they can request assistance from the Employment team. The solution to this problem may be multifaceted; however, our helpful team of experienced recruiters is happy to offer a wide variety of services which may include:

  • Alternative advertising methods
  • Improving job postings
  • Targeted job fairs
  • Community and college/university partnerships
  • Targeted networking
  • Suggestions to improve retention of existing employees
  • Custom designed training solutions